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Yamen Bendekry: The presence of Al-Jaziri, Sassi and Mathlouthi in Zamalek is a pride for every Tunisian

Yamen Bendekry, a former Zamalek player, expressed his great happiness at the presence of a Tunisian trio among the ranks of the White Castle, the last of whom was Seif El Din Al Jaziri.

Tunisian Yamen Bin Zekry said, in statements to the "Zamalekawi" program with Muhammad Abu Al-Ela: I follow Zamalek constantly and in various tournaments, and the Zamalek group in the Champions League is not easy, and Zamalek will play two matches before facing Esperance, and I hope that thinking about each match will be according to its circumstances, especially since Zamalek had won the last two encounters against Esperance last season.

He added: Zamalek has not yet played in Africa after the changes that occurred, after the departure of Mostafa Mohamed, and Saif al-Jaziri is a Tunisian player, who is my municipality and a good player.

He continued: Ferjani Sassi gave a new form to Tunisians, I was the first to play in the Egyptian league, but Sassi presented a different form, and I hope to renew his contract with Zamalek, and there is also Hamza Mathlouthi, and finally Saif al-Jaziri, and he deserves to join Zamalek after his brilliance with the contractors, but the crisis Just that Mustafa Mohamed was restricted in Africa and needed a replacement.

And he went on: It is an honor for any Tunisian to have 3 Tunisians to be in Zamalek, and I advise Al-Jaziri to remain on his level as he did with the contractors, he gained Egyptian experience and tactics, and I hope after signing Zamalek that it will be a great addition, and he also joins the Tunisian national team, and he has already joined 3 camps Before Zamalek.

He concluded: I always communicate with Mathlouthi and I would have preferred that he plays official matches with Sfaxien and then joins Zamalek, but he missed a long time to participate, especially since the opportunity to play is not easy in Zamalek, but he is in strong competition with Hazem Imam and Ahmed Eid, and this competition will raise his level.

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