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Side effects that occur after receiving the second dose of the Corona vaccine ... Know them

Public health experts in the United States of America said that clinical trials showed that it was common for people to have more side effects after the second dose of the vaccine, and they could start from 8 to 12 hours early, with regard to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

According to the "khon2" site, some of the side effects of receiving the second dose of the Corona vaccine include the following:



-body aches

In some cases, diarrhea or stomach pain

"If you need to take pain relievers like Tylenol or ibuprofen, then do so," said Dr. Lee Boynonsjo Lum, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at John A. Burns College of Medicine in the US state of Huawei, "Do so. Most importantly, the vast majority of side effects may go away." Within 24 hours and approximately 36 hours. "

She added: "After the second dose, I had a fever of 39.1 and had some stomach problems, which were unexpected and within 12 hours, I started having some fever, chills and body aches throughout the night."

"There is no specific test at this time to test whether the vaccine works or not," said Dr. Boynonsjo Lom.

She added that adults over the age of 70 have a lower biological response to vaccines, and she noted that many of our elderly people do not develop a fever, for example, when they are very sick, so in many cases, they have a lower response but if they are They feel shaky or anyone has difficulty breathing, contact your doctor immediately, it is very rare.