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Pompeo gifted his guests pens made in China, despite his hostility to Beijing

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo faces an embarrassing situation less than a month after leaving office. US State Department documents revealed that Pompeo, who was known for his anti-China stance, had spent more than 20 thousand dollars of taxpayer money to buy pens made in China to attend. At private dinners he hosted, which included Republican donors, media personalities and chief executives.

 According to a report by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the pens that Pompeo delivered to his guests cost more than $ 26 a piece, according to the records.

 The group pointed out that at the same time that the former US minister was offering about 400 expensive pens, he was openly attacking China for violations in trade that cost American jobs and dealt multiple blows to the economy in various parts of America.

Pompeo said in a tweet on Thursday: "We must remain strict with China."

In addition to the cost of the pens engraved with Madison's dinner, taxpayers are billed for $ 40,000 or so in other party-related expenses, according to the organization that obtained the documents through a FOIA lawsuit.

The Chinese government had imposed various sanctions against US officials, led by the former Secretary of State in the Donald Trump administration, Mike Pompeo, in addition to 27 others, on charges including prejudice and hatred against China.

Pompeo said in a tweet: “By punishing me, China sends a message to the new administration: If you dare to defend the Americans and protect their sovereignty and freedom, we will punish you personally. I hope no one accepts this behavior by the Chinese Communist Party. We must stand firmly by the American people expecting us to do so. ".

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