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Morocco and Central Africa confirm participation in the African Junior Volleyball Championship

Ayman Ghazlan, a member of the Board of Directors of the Interim Committee and Acting Executive Director of the Volleyball Federation, revealed the confirmation of the Moroccan and Central African national teams, other than Egypt, the organizing country, to participate in the African Youth Championship to be launched on February 20 at Cairo Stadium and qualified for the 2021 World Cup.

Ghazlan said that the arrival of the delegations starts on February 18th, and that the technical meeting will be held on the 19th before the start of the competition on the 20th of the same month.

Ghazlan pointed out that the International Federation notified the African Union of the precautionary measures that will be followed in the tournament, which the Egyptian Federation has notified to apply in the competitions in order to protect those present from the Corona virus.

Ghazlan revealed how much he had accepted to compel clubs to follow the precautionary measures code sent by the Ministry of Sports in the new season to preserve the safety of players, coaches and administrators, and the Volleyball Federation headed by Sameh Hamdy, Chairman of the Federation's Provisional Committee, stipulated that clubs in the new season's instructions bulletin had injured 3 key players in The one team to postpone matches in the League Finals.

The Corona Pandemic Instructions Bulletin also witnessed the necessity to implement a social distancing system and immediate isolation for any suspected infection with the Coronavirus.


The Provisional Committee of the Volleyball Federation, headed by Sameh Hamdy, decided to make organizational changes in the new season 2020/2021 in relation to clubs and players' contracts, as the committee obligated each club to issue contracts for all Premier League clubs for the first part so that the player who spent a period of at least 4 years In the Sunni stages before the first degree, by specifying its signature for a period of no less than two seasons as a "right of sponsorship", and the club may not divide the period.


The international player for whom the contract for the two stages of the junior and young women is determined not to transfer to any other club at the end of the contract period, while the first-class player moves at the end of the contract period, with a fee of 300 pounds for the contract for each season.

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