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For the first time, an election poll in Israel gives a majority to Netanyahu's coalition

The results of an election poll conducted by 103FM Hebrew Radio and published this morning showed a result different from all the polls conducted since the announcement of the imminent early elections in Israel.


According to the "i24news" website, it was reported on the radio website that the Likud party led by Netanyahu would get 32 ​​seats if the parliamentary elections were held in Israel today.


It is striking that the parties that have always been allies of the Likud party have also won a high number of seats. The two religious parties: "United Torah Judaism" for the Western religious, won 8 seats, and the "Shas" party for the Eastern religious also got 8 seats.


And if we add to them the result of the "Right" party led by Naftali Bennett, which observers believe must join Netanyahu's coalition government, which won 13 seats, then we will get a total of 61 parliamentary seats out of the 120 seats in the Knesset.


This result indicates, if it is achieved on the ground, that Netanyahu can form the next Israeli government, despite the fact that the majority he enjoys is very small.


As for the results of other parties, according to this poll, the opposition "Yesh Atid" party led by Yair Lapid won 19 seats, followed by the "Tikva Hadhaha" party led by Gideon Sa'ar, who recently split from the Likud party, and won 14 seats.


The "Joint" List, which brings together a number of Arab parties in Israel, won 10 seats, while the "Yisrael Beiteinu" party led by Avigdor Lieberman won 7 seats.


At the bottom of the results we find the "Labor" party, which returned to the picture after replacing its leadership and won 5 parliamentary seats according to this poll, while it ranks last and has 4 seats, the left-wing Meretz party.


It is noteworthy that there are parties that will not be able to exceed the threshold to gain parliamentary seats, the most important of which is the "Blue and White" party led by alternative prime minister Benny Gantz, as well as the "Israelis" party recently launched by Tel Aviv's mayor, Ron Huldaei, which observers expected to have attendance. Prominent in the political arena, but he does not go beyond the threshold so far.

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