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Connecting facilities to 50 villages in the governorates worth 2.5 billion pounds as part of the "Decent Life" initiative

The companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector continue to implement all projects that have been subjected to delays in implementation and delivery during the past period, as a result of the Corona pandemic, and some companies operating in the field of contracting have been exposed to liquidity crises that prevented the completion of work in the water, sanitation and networks stations, in addition to preparing to work in a decent life initiative to develop Egyptian villages.


On the development of Egyptian villages within the initiative of a dignified life, Eng. Said Fattouh, CEO and Managing Director of Al-Abd General Contracting Company, affiliated with the Holding Company for Construction and Development, revealed to "The Seventh Day" that the company pays great attention to the projects of the initiative of Karima, where the company will implement various facilities worth about 2.5 billion pounds for more Of 50 villages in many governorates.


Engineer Said Fattouh indicated that the company will implement works of about 850 million pounds, within the program of the President of the Republic for the development of the Egyptian countryside, which is the implementation of sanitation works for 10 villages in the Edfu Center and 3 treatment plants, which includes 10 villages, namely, Agriculture Village 5, and Umm Village Salamah, the village of sprinkler irrigation, the village of Al-Basali, the main village, the village of Zaklouna, the village of Tonab, the village of Al-Adwa, the village of Al-Buhaira, and the village of Al-Fawza. Upper Egypt.


Saeed Fattouh added that the sanitation will be implemented for the villages of Al-Bhalil, Bani Wishah, Naga Abu Arrad, Bahta, As Samarna and Al-Amor, in Sohag Governorate, where incline networks, lifting stations and evacuation lines will be implemented at a cost of 139 million pounds.


In Sohag Governorate also, sanitation will be implemented for the villages of Al-Rayyaniyah in Al-Hajar and Al-Hardana, Nagaa Bani Wasel, Qarmatia Sharq, Najou Al-Rayyaniyah, and Al-Farasiya at a cost of 163 million pounds, pointing out that the drainage project will be implemented for the villages of Al-Garden, Al-Matin, Al-Rayyaniya Al-Muallaq, Al-Hasamda, Al-Tahrir, Al-Hasana Al-Jabab and Ezbet El-Qawia in Sohag, also at a cost of EGP 200 million.


The head of the Al-Abd company indicated that the sanitation will be implemented for the villages of Jeries and Nazlat Jaris, Jabal al-Tayr Zabra and Abu Khalqa in the Kanabat governorate at a cost of EGP 200 million.

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