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China calls on the international community to continue to support Iraq in addressing various challenges

China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, Jing Shuang, called on the international community to continue to support Iraq; To address various internal and external challenges, Shuang said - in a speech during a Security Council meeting carried by Chinese media today, Wednesday, that the political process in Iraq is currently going through a critical stage, along with complex security challenges and difficult economic and humanitarian situations, adding that "society must The international community is to fully respect the wishes of the Iraqi people, and to support the Iraqi government in addressing the various internal and external challenges as appropriate, protecting national security and stability, and achieving economic and social development.

He added that the international community should create an environment conducive to the political process and national reconciliation in Iraq, noting that holding elections is the most important political agenda for Iraq this year, and an important step in its transitional phase.

He expressed his hope that the elections would run smoothly to fulfill the aspirations of the Iraqi people, and said, "Iraq recently wrote again to the President of the Security Council regarding assistance in the elections, and the Council members, in light of the United Nations practice on electoral support, should consider political, security and legal factors as well as Related to the budget and others, and studying the demands of Iraq and discussing them carefully. "

Shuang stressed that strengthening unity and friendship between the parties in Iraq, achieving tolerance and reconciliation, and accelerating integration and development not only serve the basic interests of the Iraqi people, but also serve regional peace and stability.

He called on the international community to support Iraq's efforts to enhance the achievements of combating terrorism and protect national security, and to continue its support for Iraq in dealing with the threat of terrorism and hunting down the remnants of terrorist organizations such as ISIS, and to help Iraq solve the problem of foreign terrorist fighters, and to consolidate the hard-won achievements. In the fight against terrorism.

Shuang noted that it is also necessary to effectively support Iraq in holding terrorists accountable, fully respecting Iraqi judicial sovereignty, and avoiding double standards in anti-terrorism cases.

The Chinese delegate noted that his country praises the development of friendly, mutually beneficial relations between Iraq and the countries of the region, and all parties concerned must adhere to the principle of good neighborliness and friendship, jointly addressing cross-border challenges, and effective respect for the sovereignty of the countries concerned, stressing that any military action on Iraqi lands must To obtain the approval of the Iraqi government.

He called on the international community to help Iraq fight the "Covid-19" pandemic, develop its economy, and improve the lives of its people, noting that China will continue to work with the international community to help the Iraqi government and people face difficulties and challenges and achieve peace, stability and development at an early date.

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