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All you need to know about the Digital Egypt Builders Initiative

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology seeks to implement the strategy of building a digital Egypt and reaching an Egyptian society that deals digitally in all aspects of life. Therefore, it works to promote the development of information and communication technology infrastructure and the development of digital services in government agencies to improve their performance and implement mega projects in this direction. The availability of trained technological cadres that contribute to the implementation of the state’s strategy for transforming into a digital society. Among the most prominent training initiatives is the "Digital Egypt Builders", for which the Ministry allocated a huge budget for training graduates in cooperation with international companies.


Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said that the “Digital Egyptian Builders” initiative aims to create a base of distinguished technological cadres to be able to implement Egypt's digital projects that the Ministry is carrying out in cooperation with all sectors of the state, and in a way that enhances Egypt's position on the map of the communications industry and technologies. Digital is also part of the efforts exerted to create job opportunities for youth and increase the volume of digital exports that are based on creativity and thought.


He added that the initiative, which was launched last September, is a free grant aimed at building highly specialized technical cadres to develop the creative capabilities of Egyptian youth, by training 1000 trainees annually from the faculties of engineering and computer science in several fields including data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics and automation. And digital arts.


He revealed that the cost of training students at the initiative ranges from 450 to 500 thousand pounds per student between a master’s and training programs, adding that the enrollment of young people to training initiatives in various specializations at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is subject to conditions related to the student’s specialization and passing the tests specified by the ministry, as for the Digital Egypt Builders Initiative. It targets students of Faculties of Engineering and Computer Science.


The initiative is based on 4 axes, the first is the technical axis under which the young person obtains a professional master’s degree in one of the following specializations: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data science, the Internet of things and robotics, and digital arts in cooperation with major international prestigious universities, while the second axis is represented by The initiative in imparting personal skills that support the technical side, including skills for teamwork, time management, leadership, presentation and writing.


He added that capacity building is one of the most important axes of the ministry's strategy, which has implemented an intensive and ambitious program to increase the number of trainees, which contributed to the increase in the numbers from 4 thousand in 2017 to 13 thousand in 2018 and then 25 thousand in 2019 until it reached 100 thousand trainees in 2020. "


The third axis is the initiative to provide young people with English language skills in light of a world whose main feature is working across different cultures in cooperation with a specialized international company. While the fourth axis of the initiative is practical training, which is equally important with academic training, and requires the participation of local and international companies operating in the Egyptian communications and information technology sector. Through this axis, youth enrolled in the initiative are trained in one of the projects that the Ministry of Communications undertakes to implement in cooperation with companies. Or providing training opportunities for young people within companies and participating in the implementation of their projects in order to gain practical experience.


On the other hand, the minister explained that the ministry’s strategy in building capacity to develop in training in terms of quantity and quality, through working with a hierarchical methodology that begins with a broad base of young people who receive rapid training on basic skills in a manner that qualifies them to deal with modern technologies to help them master their work through A training program implemented in youth centers for 20,000 young people, and then graduation in specialization with longer training periods through programs to train independent professionals to refine their skills for effective competition in the labor market, including the Our Digital Future initiative and an initiative to cooperate with the French Abita University for artificial intelligence training; We are also working on implementing the Misr Informatics University project in the Knowledge City in the New Administrative Capital in cooperation with prestigious international universities to produce a new generation that achieves a qualitative leap in the communications and information technology industry.


Dr. Amr Talaat added that the Digital Egypt Builders initiative comes at the top of the pyramid, which is designed to prepare distinguished cadres representing the vanguard of generations of professionals with experience and knowledge in all areas of communication and information technology required in the labor market to be able to compete globally, and stressed that the initiative provides an integrated program that includes study Academic, practical training, linguistic and personal skills, in cooperation with major international universities and specialized international companies, in order to create an integrated array of skills.

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