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Al-Ganaini: There are 8 million dollars and a half million dollars for women's football. I do not know their fate

Amr El Ganaini, head of the previous five-year committee at the Football Association, confirmed that the goal-line technology needs a large number of cameras on every goal and the television does not have that.

Amr Al-Ganaini said, during his interview with the journalist Ahmed Schubert on the "Ontime Stadium" program broadcast on the Ontime Sport channel: "People call me in the street to say, by God, you are a respectable people and we are upset about your departure, medicine and we need anything else but this."

Al-Ganaini added: "I did not cause hostility with the General Assembly. No club was deprived of practicing anything, but there is a tendency from the International Federation to reduce the number of clubs for the General Assembly."

Amr Al-Ganaini explained: "We have presented our conditions for the return of the league and local competitions, and if we do not play, the alternative remains such-and-such, and for the first time, the International Federation of FIFA decides that the return of activity is in the hands of governments, and thank God we are the only country in the world that has returned all activities and ended."

Regarding the goal line technology, Al-Janayni said: "The tour line technology needs 4 cameras on each goal, and the television cannot provide these cameras, and when they are provided, they will be implemented."

Al-Ganaini added: "I have paid late taxes on the Etihad, airlines and hotels, and spending on league space was inevitable for the return of activity, and there are 8 million dollars and a half million for women's football that have not entered the Football Association's accounts now."

The former head of the five-year committee said: "All Egypt knows that I am Zamalekawi, but I did not make decisions from my affiliation, but what I see is correct in the end, and I am proud of Al-Zanati, Al-Bendari, Mazen Marzouq, Al-Shorbagy, the respected chancellor and the heads of the respected Football Association committees with whom I worked."

Al-Ganaini added: "I swear by God, there was no detail of the regulations and laws during my presidency of the Five-Year Committee, and FIFA was not informed of the 2017 list at all and nothing is known about it, and the International Football Federation spoke to me and we are attending the General Assembly, so they told me the association will not come out tomorrow. Who spoke to them but did not know them. "

Al-Ganaini continued: "I sent 3 emails to the International Federation in order to expedite it in order to end the list, and I was talking to them that I want to complete the list before I walk. They told me that you must complete until the elections. I told them that the elections have a problem, because the sports law according to the Egyptian constitution contains an article that defined the terms of reference of the ordinary general assembly and not Regular elections are among the responsibilities of the ordinary assembly, and it includes an article that elections are held 4 months after the fiscal year "30 June," meaning the elections, October 30, and elections may not be held one day later, otherwise activity will be suspended.

The former head of the Five-Year Committee explained: "The freezing of activity, a scarecrow, is being exploited, and FIFA is not a place for perfumery. It issues Antariyya decisions without inquiry or discussions. All that matters to me is that we did not seek to postpone the elections nor did we covet anything, and if the scarecrow of the freezing activity was real, it would have happened after the establishment General Assembly. "

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