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US Embassy in Libya: There is a viable path to ending the conflict and preparing for elections

The US embassy in Libya confirmed that there is a viable path to end the conflict in Libya, and to prepare for elections this year, according to an urgent news broadcast by Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath a short while ago.

The US embassy in Libya added that the military entrenchment and violence by armed groups in Tripoli do not correspond to aspirations for change.

Earlier, the UN envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams said that the ceasefire agreement in Libya signed in Geneva last October is still holding, during her speech at the Security Council meeting held today, and that the 5 + 5 Military Committee is working to remove all mercenaries From Libya, pointing out that there is continuous progress in the economic field being made in Libya.

She explained that the economic reforms in Libya are unprecedented and long overdue, noting that the World Bank delegation supported meetings between various ministries in Libya to unify bank accounts.

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