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The first death in the US state of New Jersey from the new Corona strain

The Commissioner of Health in the American state of New Jersey, Judy Percycelli, announced that one person had died due to a variant of the Corona virus identified by Britain, which represents the first known American death from the new strain, according to what was published by the American "Insider" website. Significant rise in cases and deaths in the UK.

"It is more important than ever with the new strain to continue social distancing and stay at home when you are sick," said Percicelli in.

She added that there are at least 6 cases of the new strain that have been identified in New Jersey, but the data is "weak", noting that one of these individuals traveled internationally.

Percicelli explained that the individual who died from the new Corona strain was suffering from chronic diseases.

Eddie Presnitz, a Covid-19 advisor to New Jersey, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had prepared to test the new strain, and Governor Phil Murphy added that with the new variant identified, New Jersey and the federal government need to move faster on distributing the vaccine.

"It's a very complex system that they launched at this point, and we're part of that," said Presnitz, and conference officials added that the current vaccines are effective against the new strain.

Murphy said: "We have worked on the assumption that the strain is present in America, and this is confirmation of that and the number of infections will only rise."

At the start of January, the UK entered into new national lockdowns in order to reduce transmission and impacts from the new variant.

Last week, UK health officials stated that the variant could be more deadly, which could be due to a number of reasons - including the viral load and the number of additional people it could infect.

In New York, state officials told reporters on Wednesday that 42 cases of the British type have been identified.

"We don't know exactly what's going on with the new breeds and the concept of not knowing is very disturbing to me," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told reporters at a news conference.

The Biden administration's Covid-19 response team said at a meeting on Wednesday that the United States is slowly identifying the new alternative.

Jeff Zentes, the White House Coronavirus Coordinator, said: "Believe it or not, we are 43rd in the world in the genetic sequence."

White House officials added that, as of January, 26,308 cases of the UK variant had been confirmed in 26 countries.