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Nancy Pelosi: Biden's actions on health care are a lifeline for millions of Americans

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, issued a statement on US President Joe Biden's executive actions to boost health care in the United States, stressing that these measures will enhance Americans' access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

"President Biden's executive actions today will restore and enhance Americans' access to high-quality, affordable health care, providing a critical lifeline for millions of American families struggling through this pandemic," Pelosi said.

"The coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis have shown with heartbreaking clarity that access to health care is a matter of life or death," she added, noting that President Biden's executive actions are a lifeline for millions of American families and a clear sign that our nation now has the leadership in the White House to change this. Crises.

And she continued: "These executive measures represent a 180-degree reflection of the assault on health care waged by Donald Trump and Republicans in courts and Congress in the midst of the emerging coronavirus pandemic, while President Biden is restoring and expanding access to health care in a way that promotes equity and justice for working families and those who have gone missing." Their jobs, the elderly, and women who need reproductive health care at home and abroad, and more. "

"In particular, the opening of a special enrollment period will enable millions of Americans who have lost their health insurance without any mistake gaining access to care," she said.

The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, stressed that every American citizen deserves access to good, affordable health care, indicating that he will take steps and decisions to enhance and strengthen Americans' access to health care.

Biden said in a tweet on his official account with "Twitter": "I believe that every American deserves the peace of mind that comes with access to quality, affordable health care. That is why I will take action today to enhance Americans' access to care."

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