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Assiut Fertilizers: Production of 300 thousand tons per year of fine mono superphosphate fertilizer

Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, met in his office at the General Office of the Chemical Governorate, Osama Othman, Head of the Assiut Fertilizer Factories Sector, to check on the progress of work and discuss ways to develop the plant and the efficiency of the equipment inside and implement all the necessary environmental requirements.

The governor listened to a detailed explanation of the work steps of the organic fertilizer plant and its components and the role he plays in the production of fertilizers of all kinds since its establishment, to be one of the branches of the Egyptian Financial and Industrial Company EFIC (Kafr El-Zayat, Assiut, Suez).

The governor of Assiut emphasized the importance of coordination and cooperation between all authorities, agencies, directorate, governmental and non-governmental bodies and civil society, and maximizing the utilization of the capabilities available to us on the governorate's land to develop the services provided to citizens and serve the environment and society and work to increase production and develop work in all sectors by studying proposals, developing solutions and removing Any obstacles or problems that may face implementation and actual implementation on the ground, referring to discussing ways to develop the work system and improve the quality of production, taking into account the preservation of the environment and the public health of citizens and its workers, within the framework of Egypt 2030 vision to achieve a sustainable development strategy, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership that undertakes this sector Elham pays special attention.

The head of the Assiut Fertilizer Factories sector explained that the production capacity of the plant in the production of fine monophosphate superphosphate fertilizer reaches 300 thousand tons annually, pointing to the export of high-quality granular fertilizer production abroad, especially to Brazil, Argentina and some European and Asian countries, pointing to the keenness on community participation with Villages surrounding the factories as well as joint scientific cooperation with Assiut University and research centers within the university with funding many scientific conferences, especially environmental conferences, in addition to training groups of Assiut University students in various disciplines from the Faculties of Science, Engineering and Commerce in summer vacations, stressing the work on continuous environmental improvement For factories, by establishing sedimentation basins and washing towers for all production departments inside the factories and making a complete overhaul of fine and granular compost production lines by establishing new units that work with high technology and conforming to environmental specifications within the framework of the new amendments to the Environmental Law, which will be completed by the end of the current year in addition to installing devices Environmental monitoring at the entrances to production units and connecting them to the network The National Environmental Monitoring Authority at the Environmental Affairs Agency.

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