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34 Yemeni civilians were victims of Houthi mines in just one month

The mines of the Houthi militia have claimed 34 Yemeni civilians, including women and children, within one month only, in a number of governorates, and the Yemeni Landmine Monitor said that the Houthi mines planted by the Houthi militia have killed 18 civilians, and injured 16 others, in the governorates of Hodeidah, Al-Jawf Al-Bayda and Sana'a. Taiz.

Hodeidah topped the list of victims with 9 civilians killed, including a woman and a girl, while 4 people were killed, including a woman in Al-Jawf governorate, and in Al-Bayda governorate, four civilians were killed, including a migrant with an Ethiopian nationality, and a civilian was killed in Nehm district, east of the capital, Sana'a, and Hodeidah governorate topped the injured. With 9 wounded, five injuries were recorded in Al-Jawf governorate, and a child was injured in Taiz governorate, in addition to a civilian injured in Al-Bayda governorate.

The use of mines was limited to the Houthi militia exclusively, as reports indicate that there are more than two million landmines planted by the Houthis in more than 15 Yemeni governorates, of all types: anti-vehicle, personnel and marine mines, most of which are locally manufactured or imported mines that were developed locally, to explode with Less weight.

Landmines have become one of the most prominent weapons of the Houthis targeting innocent people in the mountains, valleys, plains, and in residential neighborhoods. The Houthis do not withdraw from an area until it is afflicted by hundreds of planted mines, which causes thousands of victims now and in the future between the dead and the handicapped, especially as these are planted Mines are without maps, which makes clearing or accessing them extremely difficult.

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